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Auto Refinance Calculator

Need help calculating your auto refinance loan? We can help!

Enter your current and desired loan information in below, and see how much you could SAVE!

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*This calculator is for information purposes only and is not intended to provide investment, legal, tax, or accounting advice, nor is it intended to indicate the performance, availability or applicability of any product or service. The accuracy of this and its applicability to your circumstances is not guaranteed. You may wish to consult an appropriate and qualified advisor about your unique situation.

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Your lifelong savings journey starts NOW. You deserve money to be put back in your pocket. Apply to refinance & the rest will be history. 

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Need Help? Start Your Auto Finance Journey Now!

When rates are low, the question we are most often asked is “Should I refinance my vehicle?” Personal finance is confusing, our Swap My Rate Auto Calculator makes it easy. Next steps? This is the information you will need to plug into our Swap My Rate Refinance calculator. 

Original Loan Amount

This is the total amount of money you borrowed from the lender. If you made a down payment, the original loan amount is total vehicle price subtracted from your down payment.

Initial Loan Term

 The ENTIRE amount of time a borrower has before paying off the loan. 

Current Loan Balance

This is the remaining amount you have left to pay off on your auto loan. This is different from your payoff amount.

Remaining Term

This occurs when a borrower has begun making payments to the loan. The amount of time before the loan is repaid is the remaining term. 

Current Interest Rate

This is the amount you have agreed to pay the lender every year that you are borrowing money. It is a percentage of the loan.

New Loan Term

Paying off an old loan with another loan is a way of refinancing. This term is in reference to the time period before the loan is paid in completion. 

Making a Case For Refinancing a Vehicle

By simply refinancing your vehicle or auto loan, you may be able to put money back in your pocket for the future & the now. When you refinance, you pay off the old loan with a new one that has superior rates or terms.

If interest rates were higher when you bought the car…

The United States Federal Reserve determines interest rates based on the health of the country’s economy and wellbeing. Rates have been steadily decreasing since the financial crisis of 2008 and refinancing may save you some in your monthly payments.

Improved your credit score? Read on. 

We all know & understand that credit score impacts loan approval but also the rates & terms offered to you. Has your score improved recently? Might be time to trade in on a lower interest rate – aka save your $$$$.

If your first loan had a less than satisfactory interest rate…

People with fantastic credit can still find themselves stuck in a bummer car loan. Don’t forget to shop for your auto loan as well as the vehicle itself. Loans with high-interest rates might go upside but you still have time to find a better offer. 

Wanting to save your hard-earned $$$?

Here’s the tea. Your life can change by refinancing an auto loan. If you’re wanting to pay less in interest, or free up some cash in your monthly budget, refinancing can help!

Pay off your car sooner rather than later. 

The allure of spending less money monthly, means a lot of people choose the longer loan terms. By doing that, you lock yourself into a larger amount of money accrued in interest by the time the loan is paid off. Shorter terms means a shorter amount of time in debt! 

Considering deferring a payment? Read on..

An added bonus of refinancing means an opportunity to delay payments on the new loan. Some borrowers use that time as a break from paying off their auto loan. This option gives individuals time to catch their breath financially. 

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Ready to Save?

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